BREAKING: UK government WILL PAY €60 BILLION Brexit Bill


In the latest twist of the Brexit Divorce Bill saga, it has now been confirmed that the United Kingdom’s government will pay a financial settlement of more than €60 billion Euros.

Let’s just put that into perspective – that is a total of more than £1000 for every single citizen of the United Kingdom.

According to a report in The Telegraph:

British and EU negotiators have reached a deal over the so-called Brexit bill, opening the door to a potential breakthrough in the talks this December, the Telegraph has learned.

Sources on both sides confirmed that an agreement-in-principle has now been reached over the EU’s demand for a €60bn financial settlement ahead of a crucial lunch meeting next Monday between Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president.

Two sources confirmed that the terms were agreed at a meeting in Brussels late last week after intense back-channel discussions led by Oliver Robbins, the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator.

How the hell can anyone call this a negotiation?

It just smacks of blackmail, plain and simple.

The Brussels bigwigs have said time and time again that talks cannot progress onto the next stage until the financial settlement is arranged, and our own team has made a number of reduced offers that seem to have been in vain.

Remember Theresa’s reduced offer of €20 billion?

With so many knowledgable figures proclaiming that we don’t owe them a single penny, it is actually painful and humiliating to see our own government caving in like this.

We are talking about an astronomical sum of money that would be better spent elsewhere.

David Dimbleby questions Diane Abbott on what she’s talking about in BBC Question time row

Diane Abbott embarrassed herself on Question Time when referring back to 1999 to make a point.

The Labour Cabinet member said on Question Time: “Peter Lilley voted not to make the Bank of England independent”

Host, David Dimbleby quickly cut in and blasted the Senior Labour MP for not referring to 2017.

He said:  “I’m sorry, Peter Lilley, how many years back are we going now?

“What are we talking about? We’re here in 2017.”

Peter Lilley was a former Conservative MP who stopped serving on the Party’s front bench in 1999.

Oh Diane…what are you like!

This is not the first time Diane Abbott had to rewind the years to back up her point.

She recently started talking about the Iraq war despite UK the campaign taking place 14 years ago.

She said: “I listen to my community, and even when it got me into trouble with my leadership like when I listened to my community on the Iraq war I did what my community wanted.”

It’s fair to say that Diane isn’t the best Labour MP representative.

Abbott FAILS to reveal how much cash Labour would borrow in stern Dimbleby row

Diane Abbott failed to reveal how much money a Labour government would borrow when quizzed by David Dimbleby on Question Time.

Speaking on BBC’s Question Time, the host asked: “Sorry, you would borrow, how much?

“And what would you do with it, give it to the council? Or allow councils to borrow, what would the plan be?”

She said: “As you probably know, the Bank of England base rate is half a percent.

“If we get into Government, as I hope we will maybe next year, maybe 2022, the estimate is that we would be borrowing at around two percent.

“If you borrow to invest, which is what we say we are going to do. Whether it is investing in infrastructure, or whether it’s investing in housing, you get a return on that investment.

“If you talk to merchant banks about what private sector investment get out of investing in infrastructure, for instance, you are looking at eight to 10 per cent.

“We are very clear, we would borrow to invest in things like housing and infrastructure.

“Even Tories understand that their colleague Sajid Javid was talking about borrowing £50billion to invest in housing until he was slapped down by Philip Hammond.

“So yes we would borrow, but we would get a return on that money because we would be investing in things that the community needs.”

Conservative MP Greg Clark hit back at Diane Abbott saying:

“The truth is for many generations the governments of all different colours, we have not been building enough homes that we need, and that needs to be faced up to and that is true.

“Diane suggested that we should have councils to build council houses. In the Budget, they have not just been allowed but encouraged to do, there is a billion pounds that is going to be available to councils to do that.

“So far as having any objections to councils building houses, I think it is a fantastic thing.”