BREAKING: UK on brink of NO DEAL as Barnier says EU won’t shift ‘ONE IOTA’ on Brexit


The EU has said they will not budge ‘one iota’ over the Brexit talks as the two superpowers move closer to a ‘no deal’

The EU is shocked that the UK will not accept the Brexit bill.

The UK is equally angered that Brussels will not start talking about trade deals until all other issues are sorted.

Last Month the EU rejected the UK’s proposals for EU citizens in the UK saying it was ‘not sufficient’.

Today the EU has said they will not shift ‘one iota’ sparking fears (and joy) of a ‘no deal’ scenario.

After days of apparently fruitless round-table talks Mr Barnier said: “We have made useful clarifications on many points. However, we did not get any decisive progress on any of the principal subjects even though the discussion we’ve had about Ireland was fruitful.

“The single market and the EU capacity to regulate, supervise and enforce our laws must not be and will not be undermined by Brexit. We must protect the legal order and the integration of the single market.

“I never thought that this negotiation would be easy. Time is pressing if we want to get a global agreement. At the current state of progress we’re quite far from being able to say that sufficient progress has been made.”

He said: “This mandate is what I am scrupulously taking forward – it’s very clear and precise. It sets out a sequencing. It asks us to do things in the correct order to succeed. It clearly mentions conditions for a transition period if the UK should so request. It asks us to organise the orderly withdrawal in a way that takes into account a future relation.

“Those who seek to find the least difference between what this European negotiating team is doing and that which was tasked by the member states those people are wasting their time if they seek one iota of difference.”

He raged: “The EU will preserve its autonomy of decision making. The UK wants to take back control, wants to adopt its own standards and regulations, but it also wants to have these standards recognised automatically in the EU. That is what the UK papers ask for. This is simply impossible. You cannot be outside the Single Market and shape its legal order.”