BREAKING: US judge SUSPENDS Trump’s Muslim nations travel ban


A senior judge in Seattle USA has temporarily blocked Donald Trump’s travel ban on visitors from seven Muslim countries, stating that it isn’t legal to discriminate against people based on their religious background. 

According to a BBC report, the move means that 60,000 cancelled travel visas will now be reissued. However, the government could appeal the decision immediately. 

Federal Judge James Robart rejected claims from the government that individual states do not have the authority to overrule the executive order from Trump. 

The case was originally raised by Washington state, with Minnesota joining afterwards. 

This means that the 90-day travel ban has now been suspended, and customs officials have been advised to allow entry travellers from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. 

In the long term, this could mean that Trump faces an ongoing battle with high-ranking legal personalities in his own country to get his policies put in place. 

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