BREAKING: Vince Cable reported to police for branding Leaver voters racist


Remoaner, Vince Cable, has been reported to the Police after labelling leave voters as racist.

Mr Kurten, a UKIP membership candidate reported Vince Cable to the police after his recent Brexit speech branded Leave voters as racist and wanted a Britain full of ‘white faces’.

Mr Kurten said: “It is a terrible slur to suggest that Brexit voters were motivated by some kind of racism.

“Brexit is about freedom and democracy, and there are many people like me, who support Brexit but do not have white skin.

“Attempting to link Brexit with having ‘nostalgia for white faces’ is also nonsensical, as cutting immigration from European countries will reduce net migration from countries which have a white majority.”

He went on: “In Vince Cable’s statement he appears to demonstrate hostility to Brexit voters who are also white.

“It is possible that this is a hate crime as defined by the Crown Prosecution Service guidelines which includes perceived hostility on the basis of a protected characteristic such as race.

“I have reported the incident to the police so they can investigate the matter further.”

The Liberal Democrat leader said in his speech can be seen below.

Justifying his outrageous comments the Lib Dem leader said: “I spent a lot of the referendum campaign going round, you know, mostly in sort of prosperous country areas, they weren’t deprived areas of the North and the overwhelming reason people were giving for voting the way they were, and they were predominantly older groups, were about immigration and when people thought about immigration they weren’t predominantly thinking about people from Eastern Europe.”

Let us hope he gets arrested for a hate crime!

WATCH: Nigel Farage DESTROYS Sir Vince Cable over his ridiculous ‘exit from Brexit’ campaign

The ex-Leader of UKIP and radio presenter Nigel Farage has predictably DESTROYED the leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Vince Cable for his ridiculous campaign to get the United Kingdom to somehow ‘exit from Brexit.’

Even though this attack was predictable, it doesn’t make it any less damaging to Cable! He even referred to him as a ‘nice fella’ which was a huge insult in itself.

It gave the impression that Cable is a harmless old fool who doesn’t really have a huge amount of political relevance – even as the leader of the third-largest English party in the House of Commons.

The fact remains than other than being a nice little rhyme, the whole concept of trying to ‘exit from Brexit’ is ridiculous in the sense that it is a direct ‘up yours’ to the 51.9% of the turnout who voted for Leave in the 2016 EU referendum.

According to a report in The Express:

“I’m sorry Vince, mate, I know you love the European Union and think Juncker is a top banana. The British public simply aren’t going to buy it anymore.

“I like Vince Cable. He’s a very nice fella, very polite. The sort of guy in Westminster that crosses over the street to say: ‘Hello Nigel, how are you doing?’ Very pleasant, very decent, very nice.

“Politically, I disagree with him completely. He has become the leader of the Lib Dems because, frankly, nobody else wanted to do it.”