Brexit champ Andrew Neil blasts Tory minister: ‘You are INCAPABLE of explaining Brexit position’


The BBC’s self-styled ‘Champion of Brexit’ Andrew Neil has yet again managed to see through our government’s shambolic handling of the Brexit negotiations by accusing the international trade minister Greg Hands of being INCAPABLE of explaining our own government’s Brexit position.

To make the TV segment even better, Neil then gave viewers two political destructions for the price of one by turning on the Labour MP Rachael Maskell over Labour’s own lack of clarity on how they would be handling a transitional arrangement.

Once again, Neil appears to be a Brexit beacon of hope in a BBC that is so far to the left it is in danger of falling off the political spectrum altogether!

According to The Express:

Neil said: “I ask again, what is our negotiating position? Are we prepared to negotiate any kind of sanctions or not?”

Mr Hands replied: “Look we are going to have to see how we enter this negotiation.

“What I am saying to you, is a lot of what is published there is illogical. Why would the EU want to ground flights when presumably half of the passengers are coming from the European Union.”

Neil was not pleased with the response and claimed Mr Hands was “incapable” of setting out the Governments position for the British people.

The Daily Politics presenter turned on the Labour shadow rail minister, Rachael Maskell to see the oppositions position on whether they would negotiate possible sanctions from the EU if Britain did not follow terms set out in the transitional period.

The Labour MP claimed the party would not even be in this stage of the negotiations because they have clearly set out what they want in the transitional period.

Neil said: “I’m sorry, no matter what your relationship with the EU you need transitional arrangements. And you need a dispute mechanism is someone is found in breach.”

This whole interview highlights one very worrying truth about the entire Brexit situation at the moment – the fact that we have the Conservatives in power making a total ‘balls up’ of the negotiation process, and we also have an opposition that would make an even bigger ‘balls up’ of the negotiation process.

All of this could have been sorted out months ago by installing a largely pro-Brexit cabinet, as opposed to having the Remainer ‘Theresa The Appeaser’ surrounded mainly by fellow EU-loving ministers.

You have to ask yourself if we would be in this mess with the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg at the government’s top table.

It’s all very well moaning about our own government’s handling of Brexit, but the sobering reality is that Labour could sneak into power if confidence in our current government takes a hit because of these botched Brexit negotiations.

Should the ‘you know what’ hit the fan in Westminster, it is vital that the leadership passes to a fellow Conservative (Rees-Mogg, just sayin’) as opposed to a total failure of government that leads to a general election.

Britain managed to keep Corbyn out last time, but who knows how another election would go?