Brexit EXPLODED A BOMB under EU budget and UK can use it as ‘leverage’


The UK’s former ambassador to the EU has said that Brexit “exploded a bomb” under the EU’s budget. 

Sir Ivan Rogers yesterday said that the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union would send their spending plans into “disarray”. 

This would be due to the UK being one of the largest net contributors to the European Union, paying £350 million a week in membership fees alone.

According to Sir Ivan Rogers Brexit “created a major issue” for the remaining 27 EU member states by leaving a “big hole in their budget”. If you ask me, I couldn’t care less.

He said: “The mere fact of our exiting during the period of the framework causes them immense financial difficulty.”

“That may be part of the leverage we have in this negotiation depending on what we’re prepared to do.”

Sir Ivan suggested that some EU member states could experience a 12% black hole in their budgets due to the large budget slash.

However, the fears of a black hole in the EUs budget could cause Brussels to attempt to impose a large exit bill on the UK when she leaves the EU.

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