Brexiteer blasts Blair Brexit intrusion after Barnier showdown and it’s spectacular to watch


Lord Digby Jones attacked Tony Blair, Nick Clegg and Lord Adonis for their anti-Brexit comments and attempts to reverse the vote.

Clearly, Blair, Clegg and Adonis do not understand democracy.

Lord Jones said: “It’s not about what I am concerned about. It’s about what 18million people are concerned about, who actually voted one way.

“Secondly so many small businesses, who I am in touch with around the country, who are absolutely fed up with what I would call the ABC faction.

“Which is Adonis, Blair, Clegg. And they think they speak for the country. Really? Their arrogance, it takes my breath away.

“At the end of the day, there is a type of tyranny in this where they say ‘no, no, no, we speak for it’. And of course, because they are public figures, with good quality serve track records, what they are is getting access.

“They’re getting airtime, they are getting in to see people like Barnier, and therefore I am worried that people like Michel Barnier think that they speak for Britain, they do not.”

Well said!

Nigel Farage destroys Blair with one tweet

Nigel Farage hit out at Tony Blair over his recent Brexit comments.

Mr Farage attacked former Labour leader, Tony Blair, on Twitter today as the former Prime Minister recommitted his objective of reversing Brexit.

The MEP wrote: “Wrong on the ERM. Wrong on the Euro. Wrong on Brexit!”

TV host Piers Morgan backed up Mr Farage’s comments, saying: “I remember Tony Blair telling me that if Britain didn’t enter the Euro, it would lead to financial disaster for the country.

“Then he told me Britain had to go to war with Iraq because Saddam had WMD. So I’d take his ‘Brexit will be a disaster’ claims with a pinch of salt.”

Chair of Labour Leave, John Mills tweeted: “I have always taken arguments to task, rather than individuals.

“But Tony Blair’s repeated efforts to frustrate the will of the British people are wrongheaded, undemocratic, and could leave us with a very bad deal indeed.”

The official Leave EU twitter account hit out at Mr Blair too, writing: “Tony Blair piping up again trying to stop us from leaving a political institution he himself campaigned against and admitted in 1983 had ‘drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs’.”

It looks like Blair will stop at nothing to get the UK to reverse its decision on Brexit.

I am afraid he is out of luck.