Brexiteer Iain Duncan-Smith SLAMS Remoaner SNP MP for complaining about Hard Brexit


In a fiery clash on BBC Radio Five Live, the Brexit-supporting Conservative MP Iain Duncan-Smith has slammed the SNP MP Drew Hendry who used his appearance on the radio station to complain about Brexit leading to higher prices and all sorts of other issues.

His demand that the United Kingdom should ‘pull back’ from a Hard Brexit really got IDS going, and the Brexiteer then proceeded to give him both barrels in return!

According to The Express:

Mr Hendry told BBC 5 live: “Brexit is going to lead to higher prices, more difficulties for people, and of course it has got huge implications for the people of Ireland as well.”

But the prominent Tory backbencher hit back and said there is “little or no point in leaving” the Brussels bloc if Britain cannot set up its own trading arrangements.

He said: “The last thing we need to do is to set customs barriers in the European Union and there’s a good reason for this.”

Mr Duncan Smith said he does not agree with Mr Hendry and insisted the cost of goods will be cheaper once Britain has left the European Union.

He said: “I believe the key essentials that will benefit the poorest the most, such as food and clothing, will be cheaper once we leave because we won’t have to put these artificial barriers against imports or goods trades.”

But Mr Hendry hit back and shouted: “None of the evidence backs that up.”

Mr Duncan Smith said: “No, I’m sorry. All of the evidence backs it up from all of the independent economists.”

We already know that there is a huge anti-Brexit sentiment that runs through the SNP, and this makes it all the sweeter when Brexit supporters are available to call them out on their fear mongering.

Project Fear will never go away, and all that we can do is continue to fight it with facts and reasonable argument at every opportunity.