Brexiteer STORMS OFF BBC Daily Politics as Owen Jones slams Brexit


John Whittingdale stormed out of the Daily Politics show on the BBC as Owen Jones says Brexit is in ‘serious trouble’.

Jones told BBC’s Daily Politics: “There is a question of honesty there…”

It was at this point John Whittingdale appears to take his mic off and leave the Daily Politics studio.

Jones continues: “In the case of David Davis, he’s seemed to imply or suggest clearly there are detailed assessments.

“I have to say, if they can fit in two lever arch files then I think we’re in very serious trouble.”

BC Daily Politics tweeted: “It seems some guests just can’t wait to get out of the #bbcdp studio.

“John Whittingdale takes off his mic and is off.”

I think Mr Whittingdale did the right thing.

Who would want to listen to Owen Jones down talk Brexit?

Would you?

Economist ROASTS Owen Jones with just one sentence and everyone agrees

Left-wing journalist, Owen Jones clashed with economist Jamie White, research director at the Institute of Economic Affairs.

The pair appeared on Sky News battling it out on taxes and public sector pay.

Criticising the left-wing commentator’s comments on raising taxes for the wealthy, Mr White said he was not being honest.

He said: “I’m asking you to speak honestly, stop using language dishonestly.”

This here ladies and gentlemen is what we need to hear more of. Politicians always bicker and slide around the question, but Mr White got straight to the point and told Owen what we were all thinking.

He said: “Sweden has higher living standards on average than this country. It’s also more equal, growth is more equitably distributed.”

But Mr White hit back and accused the lefty of not using economic theory.

He said: “Singapore has a much higher standard of living, it has much lower taxes. This is a silly game you’re playing. You’ve got to use economic theory.

“You can cherry-pick countries, you’re unguided by economic theory.

“I can play it all day long.”

Ms Burley then cut in to try and steer the debate back to domestic affairs.

She said: “Can I play too. Let’s not worry about what’s happening in Singapore, let’s not worry about what happens in Scandinavian countries or even the other side of the Atlantic.

‘Let’s worry about what’s happening here.”

What do you think about this clash?

I know who I’d rather follow in times of economic uncertainty and it isn’t Owen Jones.

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