Brexiteer was worried that left wing thugs who bullied Jacob Rees-Mogg would ‘stab him’


Speaking to Nigel Farage on LBC, Tom, who was at the Jacob Rees-Mogg event at Bristol University explained what happened during the fracas.

The LBC caller said: “When I saw him get up there I thought, this is mad.”

“They were just hurling abuse and using filthy language. I’m going on Friday night with my son and had to listen to that abuse.”

“These men were absolutely bullying this man. Not even bullying, they were totally offensive.

“So when I went up some of the guys had sort of pushed back but this guy, in particular, wasn’t having it and he was getting even closer to the point where he was well within Rees-Mogg’s personal space.

“At that point, I thought no. I had to do something.

“All I decided to do was try and get him a safe distance away from Mr Mogg so that he couldn’t hurt him.

“I was worried about maybe pulling out a knife and stabbing him or something because afterwards, it is too late.”

Well done Tom!

Chloe Kaye said: “I went into the talk to hear about Jacob Rees-Mogg and suddenly as soon as he comes in about six masked individuals run in screaming, ‘bigot, racist, sexist’.

“They’re screaming, absolutely no university security to be seen. Jacob Rees-Mogg screams, ‘I believe in free speech,’ so he runs up to them and actually wants to start talking to them.”

“The crowd got angry, there were some pushes and a bit of violence, but no one was hurt.”

WATCH the incredible moment when Jacob Rees-Mogg calmly confronted violent, masked protestors

This is the incredible moment when the Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg calmly walked up to a group of violent, masked ‘antifa’ protestors who decided to invade a room at the University of West England where he was due to speak.

We often see similar situations where prominent politicians in JRM’s position simply dive behind a desk or throw themselves behind a 22-stone security guard called Steve – but what Rees-Mogg does here is nothing short of legendary.

Instead of hiding away, he calmly walks up to this baying mob of idiots and actually starts to reason with them.

When they realise that their slogans and screaming will get them absolutely nowhere, they sneak away with their tails between their legs.

If this isn’t proof that JRM is leadership material, we don’t know what is!

More to the point, why the hell are they covering their faces?

Surely they would only need to do this if they are considering cracking skulls or smashing the place up.

Screaming slogans and pointing fingers however does not require the ‘Poundland SAS’ look!

You can all have this meme on us:

This isn’t the first time that JRM has used this tactic with a baying mob – he did something similar when confronted at a fringe event during the last Conservative party conference.

It’s always the same story. Protestors turn up screaming slogans, Rees-Mogg asks them to clarify their allegations, protestors carry on screaming slogans regardless, Rees-Mogg asks them once again to clarify their allegations, protestors carry on screaming yet more slogans, protestors bugger off.

We’re pretty certain that Theresa May would have been hiding in her armoured tank within three seconds of their arrival …