BRILLIANT moment Alastair Campbell is ROASTED by Brexiteer for ‘talking tosh’


Alistair Campbell said he has yet t find any evidence that the Irish border issue could be solved.

Conservative MP, Owen Paterson, lashed out at the remaoner.

Speaking on Channel 4 News, the Tory MP said: “Alastair is talking complete nonsense.

“There was paper put out by the government in the summer, in real detail, on how you would handle the border and I repeat again – the most senior man on this, the man who runs HMRC -“

Mr Campbell who claimed that the report ‘wasn’t convincing and it wasn’t accepted.’

He said: “Just let me answer the point, where you were talking tosh just now.

“HMRC have said very clearly that they are not fazed and they are relaxed under real pressure from Remainer MPs to say this is all going to be a nightmare as you’re saying and I just disagree with you.”

Regarding the leaked papers revealing N.Ireland staying in the Single Market and the Customs Union the former Northern Ireland Secretary said:

“Yesterday’s proposal, I don’t know how it got in the draft, was extremely damaging to the Belfast agreement which stated very clearly that Northern Ireland remains and is, an integral part of the United Kingdom until there should be a border poll.

“There’s no chance of a border poll at the moment and therefore the same conditions, the same regulations should pertain in Northern Ireland as in any other part of the United Kingdom.”

This is not the first time Alistair Campbell has been grilled on live TV.

WATCH: Campbell told to ‘respect the referendum’ after moaning MPs are ignoring his Brexit pleas

Alastair Campbell clashed with Katie Perrior over the result of the referendum and the current Brexit status.

Speaking on After The News Mr Campbell said that Remainers were worried about where Brexit is heading and that the whole thing is a ‘catastrophe’.

He said: “The reason I think people are feeling so desperate, those like me who think this is a catastrophe for the country.

“There are so few voices in parliament that are actually giving any voice to what millions of people are thinking. That this has to be looked at again.”

Katie Perrior, an ally of Mrs May replied: “You’re saying that this can’t be done, but we need to respect the referendum or we really are in a bad place.”

Campbell his back: “I know a lot of people still feel as passionately as they did about leave, but I think that people are getting really really worried about what no deal means.

“No deal does mean, guaranteed higher prices, lower growth, the difficulty of getting your planes off the ground, hard border in Ireland.

“No deal is a total catastrophe, that’s where the Tory right is pushing that.”

It’s been over a year since the referendum and he is still moaning…will he ever stop?

Who knows!