BRILLIANT moment Nigel Farage BLASTS ‘BLAND and INSIPID’ career politicians


Mr Farage went on the attack at “insipid, dull, play-safe politicians”.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Farage said the public wants politicians who “speak their mind”.

He said: “We’ve had enough of bland, insipid, dull, play-safe politicians and we want something different.”

Mr Farage was asked what he wanted exactly by the host, to which he responded: “I want Brexit to happen.”

Asked if he wanted to be a lord Mr Farage said: “Not particularly.”

Mr Farage replied: “No, no I don’t! I want Brexit to happen properly and I worry that we’re seeing dither and delay.”

He said: “Anybody that voices a view that is outside the mainstream orthodoxy gets dumped on by the newspapers, the media, social media but you know what? So what?

“It doesn’t matter. ‘Joe public’ doesn’t see it like that.”

Mr Farage added: “And what you saw over the last couple of years are real characters and personalities coming back into politics, right across the Western world.

“Speak up everybody!”

Nigel Farage sums up Labour and Corbyn in brilliant 60 second rant

Nigel Farage summed up the current state of the Labour party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking to his LBC listeners the ex-UKIP leader said: “Even though there are 4 to 5 million labour voters who voted for Brexit in the referendum, I think Corbyn is completely hostage on this issue.”

“Completly hostage to his own parliamentary party because that party in the house of commons is overwhelmingly Blairite and pro-EU and I think they have moved quite strongly now to a remain position.”

“They will oppose the government all the way through this process, they will, of course, have the support of some of those tory rebels.”

“I think that Labour quite frankly have been pretty dishonest with the electorate to fight an election just 5 months ago saying they were leaving but now Kier Starmer keeps telling us perhaps we should stay in the single market.”

Spot on once again Mr Farage!