Brilliant moment Nigel Farage slaps down remoaner Rachel Johnson


Ex-UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, confronted remoaner, Rachel Johnson, over her support for the European Union

Many people view Nigel Farage as the man behind Brexit. He campaigned tirelessly for 25 years resulting in the UK voting to leave the European Union last year.

His political fueled life damaged his marriage, saying he is now “separated”.

Talking to Rachel Johnson, Mr Farage confronted her over the remonaers support for the failing economic and political union.

He said: “Rachel, your problem is this; YouGov today says 45 per cent want Brexit at any price – walk away tomorrow, two fingers up, go.”

Mr Farage added: “You are a shrinking rice paper on this”

“What I don’t understand is what is so good about this European project.

“What is it you are in love with – why do you feel so strongly about it?”

Johnson claimed her support for the EU stems from “peace, security and prosperity” brought around by bloc’s governance.

When Mr Farage said there are many reasons, other than the EU, for peace on the Continent, Johnson added: “One of them is we are part of the EU and it has kept peace in Europe.”

An amused Mr Farage hit back, he said: “Are you saying without the EU the Germans would have invaded again?

“Are you really saying that?”

Johnson replied: “Because of the EU the Germans have been a real force for stability in Europe and an engine of growth.”

I would argue that the United Nations, along with NATO are the reason why Europe did not descend into complete war again, not thanks to the European Union.