Britain MUST ACCEPT MORE REFUGEES admits government


In light of the recent migrant/refugee crisis, the government is committed to taking in at least 20,000 refugees.

Due to a recent administrative error, an additional 130 refugees will be let into the country.

Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill told the Commons yesterday: “The Government has very recently become aware that due to an administrative error as part of collating the figures, one region pledged 130 places which were not accounted for in setting the specified number.

“To ensure the specified number of children to be transferred is a true reflection of the responses to that consultation… the Government is increasing the specified number from 350 to 480… the specified number includes over 200 children already transferred from France as part of the Calais camp clearance.”

The UK received 38,878 asylum applications (including dependents) in 2015, and this figure is far less than Germany which was inundated with 431,000 applications, Sweden 163,000, and Hungary 163,000.

45 per cent of cases were granted asylum and allowed to stay once their cases had been fully concluded.

There are around 117,234 refugees living in the UK according to 2015 statistics, these numbers may be around 150,000 at the end of the year.

The administrative error by the government comes in light of a UN report which shows that only 3% of migrants crossing the Mediterranean and eventually landing in Italy were genuine refugees.

The vast majority would disappear into the black markets undocumented.

Breitbart reported that Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini said: ‘It is now clear that illegal immigration is organised and financed and for this reason, we have decided to bring a case against the government, the President of the Council, the ministers and the commanders of the Navy and the Coast Guard.’