British Army recruitment campaign focuses on Islam and homosexuality


The British army is currently undermanned by about 4,000 soldiers, yet their latest advertisement campaign is focusing on minorities and Islam.

The army needs to be attracting strong men (and women) who are willing to fight for our freedom and defend this great nation.

They should not be pumping millions into recruitment campaigns to attract specific minorities that will ultimately fail in the name of diversity.

Instead, they need to do boost the number of soldiers in their ranks by 4,000 as soon as possible.

In promotional videos, voiced by serving soldiers, recruits ask: “Can I be gay in the Army?”, “Do I have to be a superhero?”, and “What if I get emotional in the Army?”

In another, a Muslim soldier explains how the Army has allowed him to practice Islam, but Christian soldiers are not given the same reassurance in the campaign.

The recruitment videos can be seen below.

It seems even our armed forces are becoming soft.

SIGN & SHARE: Petition to keep UK armed forces OUT of combined EU army reaches 12,000
A petition that has been set up to keep the United Kingdom’s armed forces out of a combined EU army has reached 12,000 signatures and it is growing all the time.

You can sign the petition and share it here.

The petition reads:

This is a matter of utmost urgency.

Government Ministers are seeking to appease the EU with agreements to combine all UK Defence Forces into one EU Defence Force – next week!!

This is being done without any Public Mandate, no Parliamentary Scrutiny, nor any Royal Assent!

If this goes ahead, It will mean that foreign (EU – German?) armies will be given to right to be deployed on our streets to control any civil unrest – eg: opposition to the EU.

We call upon all Members of Parliament to call a halt to this undemocratic action being taken by HM Government and ensure that our Armed Forces are kept under the exclusive control of the British Parliament under the Sovereignty of the Queen.

There has been talk of the Ministry of Defence signing EU army agreements as an attempt to show that Britain is prepared to co-operate with the rest of Europe after Brexit.

However, if this was to happen, many British citizens would simply see it as an attempt to get ‘more Europe’ into the United Kingdom, as opposed to the ‘less Europe’ that was voted for by 51.9% of the EU referendum turnout in 2016.

Once again, the petition can be signed and shared here.