British girl who fled the UK to join ISIS SLAMMED on Facebook.


We reported yesterday that a 23 year old female British student from Glasgow has had her citizenship removed after fleeing to Syria to join ISIS – this move effectively bans her from returning to the United Kingdom.

Aqsa Mahmood is thought to be one of the 150 people that have had their British citizenship removed by the Home Office because of suspected involvement with ISIS.

After we published the story yesterday, it has received thousands of comments on our Facebook page, and most of our readers have made it perfectly clear that the government was right to remove her citizenship.

However, there are some who feel that she should be able to return to the United Kingdom to both face a prison sentence and also provide intelligence that could be vital in the fight against terrorism.

Here are some of the most popular comments.

Based on what Geraint is saying, do you think that people who have been involved with ISIS should be allowed back to serve a prison sentence?

There are many people who wouldn’t even want her in the country in this capacity.

While Billy is discussing the element of being allowed back in for prison time, would it then be sensible to deport her afterwards? Some may argue that this would be a waste of money.

We’re not sure what David is getting at here, other than the reference to the Spanish Civil War.

Surely those circumstances are very different due to the relatively small threat to the United Kingdom at the time, as opposed to the terror situation in 2017.

Although she was initially ‘radicalised’ online, many people feel that ISIS use psychological tactics that are very hard for vulnerable people to resist.

Having said that, by default a 23 year old adult would be far less vulnerable than a teenager in normal circumstances, but again there could be a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

Even if it is still available, surely this would undermine the whole fact that the United Kingdom is a civilised nation.

The whole concept of a ‘death penalty’ is more of an ISIS trademark.