British schoolgirl who fled to JOIN ISIS in Syria now wants to return home to the UK


Kolsoma Begum fled to join ISIS in 2015 with her husband. She has since been arrested in Turkey for terror-related charges, but now wishes to return to the UK.

The schoolgirl who fled to join ISIS is now a mother of one and wishes to return the United Kingdom.

Her father said she must face justice.

Begum – who gave birth to a girl in the war-torn country – and Aristidou have been trying to return to the UK since last September.

Kolsoma claimed she went to join ISIS to live under Sharia law, not to fight.

Her father said: “I would say give them a lesson so they can realise their mistakes,’

‘They have to face the law. The law will decide what punishment to give them. But, as a father, I’m saying everybody deserves a second chance. They’ve already damaged their lives. They were very young.

‘If they come back, then maybe they’ve learned their lesson. They’ve seen what IS is doing. Maybe because of that they didn’t want to stay.

‘They’ve realised what IS is doing is inhumane. Every father will support their daughter, but if you break the law that’s something different.

‘If I could talk to her, I would say: “Come back and face the law. You know you made a mistake and this is where you belong. You should protect your own country, this is where you’ll be living, and your children will be living and studying.”

In my own opinion, anyone who joins ISIS should never be allowed to return to the UK.

They have made their decision in full knowledge of the consquences.

I hope the government takes a strong stance on this issue.

Here’s why Jeremy Corbyn thinks that people who support ISIS SHOULDN’T BE PROSECUTED

Jeremy Corbyn has come under pressure after his remarks made in a June 2017 House of Commons debate were highlighted after the recent London attacks that killed 7 and injured 49

Mr Corbyn believes that supporting ISIS is a political view and should not result in prosecution.

Mr Corbyn said, according to records of parliamentary proceedings: “I have no support for ISIS whatsoever, and obviously that should apply to someone who has committed crimes, but we should bear in mind that expressing a political point of view is not in itself an offence.

“The commission of a criminal act is clearly a different matter, but expressing a point of view, even an unpalatable one, is sometimes quite important in a democracy.

“We should be slightly cautious about announcing that we will start to deal with people on the basis of a general view that they have expressed.”

The Labour leader then added that he had “no truck with those who commit those barbaric acts”.

He called on the Government to avoid the knee-jerk reaction of saying: “These are bad fighters and those are good fighters, so we will ban these and allow those in.”

He added: “We are living with the consequences of the war on terror of 2001, and if we continue to try to create legal obstacles and make value judgments about people without considering the overall policy we are following, we will return to legislation such as this, again and again, year after year.”

You have really got to asked yourself ‘is this the man I want to lead us in our hour of need?’

I think the vast majority of you will agree with me when I say that they would not feel safe with this man in charge. Rightly so.