Cable releases statement over disgusting remark about leave voters


The leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Vince Cable has made a disgraceful remark about Leave voters and racism at the party’s Spring Conference.

He told the gathering of party members that older Leave voters were nostalgic for a world where ‘all faces were white.’

No need to beat about the bush there Vinny. If you want to come out and call them ‘racist,’ don’t go mincing your words!

However, the Lib DUMB leader has released a short statement while talking to the BBC over his comments.

“BBC: You made a comment about all the white faces in front of you. But the fact is you said people who voted for Brexit, an awful lot of them were white. 

Cable: That is the case, and that it was a nostalgia for that world, and I think there’s a couple of bits of evidence which support that.

I mean, first of all, some of the most effective propaganda at the time, you may remember Farage’s advertisement where queues of dark faced people and that was how the arguments about immigration was presented.

The – you know – I spent a lot of the referendum campaign going round, you know, mostly in sort of prosperous country areas, they weren’t deprived areas of the North and the overwhelming reason people were giving for voting the way they were, and they were predominantly older groups, were about immigration and when people thought about immigration they weren’t predominantly thinking about people from Eastern Europe.”

What do you think of his justification? Is it good enough?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Vince Cable reveals why there is a 20% chance UK will NEVER leave EU

Niall Paterson spoke to Vince Cable on Sky News today and asked if he still believed there’s a chance Brexit will not happen.

Sky News’ Niall Paterson asked Vince Cable if he still believes that Brexit may not happen: “Yes. There is a distinct possibility Brexit will not happen.” he replied.

“Business people speak to me and ask me for an estimation and I’ve come to a 20 per cent chance of Brexit not happening.”

Sir Vince said: “We may get to the middle of next year that this is a horrible political mess. We do not know what Brexit will look like.

“We may get an amicable divorce. But, that is looking increasingly unlikely.”

Sir Vince explained: “If proposed Brexit deal proves a terrible mess people might want to re-open the question of staying in the EU.

“The Government is pressing ahead currently, but I think people will have their say if this becomes very costly to do.”

The government’s current plans involve the UK leaving the EU fully in March 2019.

The UK will then have a two-year transitional period which will end in 2021.