Celebrations as Marine A FREED from prison and reunited with family


Sgt Alexander Blackman has been released from prison after a 3-year campaign to free the Royal Marine.

Mr Blackman was recorded on a helmet camera in Afghanistan shooting dead a mortally wounded Taliban fighter who moments before had been shooting at Sgt Blackman and his men.

Many view Mr Blackman’s actions as a human thing to do in a situation of madness.

A military court sentenced Sgt Blackman, otherwise known as Marine A to a 10-year murder sentence in 2013.

However, the sentence has since dropped to 8 years and subsequently lowered to a lesser charge of manslaughter with diminished responsibility.

Marine A’s wife Claire Blackman fought a long and tireless campaign to free her husband, with the help of their campaign manager John Davies.

The couple were last night preparing for an emotional reunion as the commando – who was also known as “Marine A” – was expected to walk free from Erlestoke prison near Devizes, Wilts, in the early hours.

Yesterday a post on the Justice for Marine A Facebook page said: “We are delighted to announce that Al will finally be released tomorrow after what has been a well-fought battle by you all. We will, of course, be posting more updates but can we please remember that this is a tense time for the family and that they have asked for some privacy.”

Last month cheers erupted in the Appeal Court as five judges ruled that it was not a “cold-blooded execution”, as the original court martial found, but the result of a mental illness.

Judges described Sgt Blackman as “an exemplary soldier” before his deployment in March 2011, but said he had suffered from “exceptional stressors” during that tour, finding that his ability to “form a rational judgment” was “substantially impaired”.

To sum things up, Sgt Blackman has finally received the justice that he truly deserves.

Let this be a sign to the MOD, government and law firms across the country that this sort of witch hunt for our troops will not be taken lightly.