Chancellor Philip Hammond just said UK should pay £50bn Brexit Bill WHATEVER HAPPENS


In his latest piece of Brexit buffoonery, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has just said that the United Kingdom should pay a £50bn Brexit Bill no matter what the outcome of the current negotiations may be.

In other words, even if Juncker and his chums decide to give our country the worst possible deal with absolutely no hint of compromise on anything within it, we should still send £50 BILLION of taxpayers’ cash to Brussels.

He feels that it is the ‘right thing to do’ for a country of Britain’s standing.

According to a report in The Times:

Britain ought to pay the £50 billion exit bill from the European Union even if it does not get a trade deal, Philip Hammond said today.

The chancellor appeared to pick another fight with eurosceptics and faced a reprimand from Downing Street after telling MPs that Britain must always honour its obligations regardless of the progress of Brexit negotiations.

“I find it inconceivable that we would walk away from obligations that we recognise as an obligation,” he said.

The chancellor says that it would be important to pay for the sake of the UK’s international credibility.

Some experts say walking away without paying would put the UK into formal dispute with its closest trading partners and raise questions about whether Britain pays its debts.

Before we carry on, we should point out that this is the guy who is not only responsible for the financial wellbeing of the United Kingdom, but he is also in charge of making sure that every penny of taxpayers’ money is spent in an ethical and justifiable manner.

How the hell does that equate to sending tens of billions of pounds to Brussels if all we get in return is basically a kick in the nuts and a ‘see you later?’

The sooner that this ‘not so in disguise’ Remoaner is removed from office the better.

Jacob Rees-Mogg warns EU Britain may BLOCK paying Brexit bill

Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned EU bosses that the UK has no ‘legal obligation’ to pay any kind of Brexit bill.

Speaking on TalkRADIO, Mr Rees-Mogg added MPs would not vote in favour of paying a divorce fee in the face of a ‘hard’ Brexit.

He said: “We have no legal obligation under international, EU or UK law to pay anything if we leave without a deal.

“That’s accepted and that was in the House of Lords report from March of this year.

“That’s a very strong negotiating position and our reason to pay is not because we are nice, charitable people, though we are.

“It is if there is a legal obligation or we get something in return. If we get nothing in return and there is no legal obligation, then there ought not to be any money and the Government will not have support across the country if it pays out vast sums of money for nothing.

“If the EU doesn’t want to take negotiations further, well we need to be making preparations for a no deal exit in which circumstance we don’t pay them tens of billions of pounds.”

“I think the Government has to face the reality that without a deal it cannot hand over any money. It would have no legal basis for doing so.

“It would need to get an Act of Parliament through to authorise it and I don’t think people would vote for such an Act of Parliament.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg BLASTS Treasury’s ‘insane’ Brexit forecast

Conservative backbencher, Jacob Rees-Mogg voiced his anger at the treasuries awful Brexit stance and negative predictions which have not come to light.

Appearing on Question Time Mr Rees-Mogg said: “This is such an opportunity. When we leave we can set our own tariffs.

“Tariffs set at the European level make food, clothing and footwear more expensive. They are the highest proportion for the poorest in society’s expenditure.

If we can get rid of those tariffs we help the worse off in society. That is a real benefit.”

Presenter David Dimbleby said: “Why does your Chancellor of the Exchequer not accept this and sound so gloomy?”

Mr Rees-Mogg replied: “Because all the Treasury forecasts assume that instead of cutting tariffs on the rest of the world, we raise tariffs against the EU.

“That is completely insane. The Treasury’s forecasts are even worse than the Bank of England’s.”

The Sunday Express political editor also hit out at the Bank of England governor for his Brexit stance.

Ms Tominey said: “There have been five consecutive periods of growth. Growth is up 1.9 percent which is not what the Project Fear brigade were predicting.

“On Brexit in general, BBC bias, I think there are only two Brexiters on this panel and three Remainers. I don’t know whether you’ve had a panel that is majority Brexit, David.

“But I suggest that when we speak to our readers, both sides of the demographic divide mostly people just say: ‘Will you get on with it? Just get on with Brexit. Stop posturing, stop fighting between yourselves.’

“And, you know, the notion of it being a minority as well. Overwhelmingly people in Parliament people voted for the referendum in the first place. Overwhelmingly in Parliament people voted to trigger Article 50 – overwhelmingly.

“80 per cent or more of the electorate voted for parties that supported Brexit, so just do it.’