Christian teacher SUSPENDED for ‘misgendering’ and referring to pupil who was born female as a ‘girl’


A Christian teacher has been suspended from his role in a British school after an allegation was made against him that he referred to a pupil who was born female as a ‘girl.’

According to reports in the media, the pupil in question self-identifies as ‘male,’ and therefore as a result the teacher has now been suspended from his position pending the outcome of further investigations into the incident.

According to Breitbart:

A teacher has been suspended and could lose his job after allegations he referred to a pupil who was born female, but “self-identifies” as a boy, as a girl.

A complaint was made against Joshua Sutcliffe, a Christian who teaches at a British state secondary school, after he said, “Well done girls” to the pupil and her friend in class, when he saw the pair working hard.

The maths teacher apologised when “corrected” by the pupil, and thought no more about the incident until six weeks later, according to The Mail on Sunday, when he was called to the head’s office and told he was suspended from teaching while the Oxfordshire school investigates a “transgender complaint” made against him.

Mr Sutcliffe is to appear at a formal disciplinary hearing this week to face misconduct charges, after a week-long investigation found him guilty of “misgendering” the teenager, “demonstrating discriminatory behaviours” and having “contravene[d] the school’s equality policy”.

However, Premier Christian Radio reports that a press release from the Christian Legal Centre — which is supporting the 27-year-old Exeter University graduate — said that the school had not given any formal instruction on how to refer to the pupil, whose mother was reportedly the complainant in the case.

All we can hope for in this situation is that above all else, common sense prevails.

However, speaking more generally, we are also hopeful that clarification is given to all teaching staff across the nation to ensure that this type of incident doesn’t happen again.

Read on to find out more about the state of schools in 2017 Britain.

Kepier School, near Sunderland, set homework making students to write to their parents explaining why they converted to Islam.

Mr McLachlan refused to let his stepdaughter complete the homework.

As every day goes by we are forced to accept and swallow the culture of Islam. I’m, afraid to say that this probably isn’t the only school who are making children write about converting to Islam.

Mr McLachlan said: ‘I know as part of the national curriculum they have to learn about all religions.

‘I just don’t see why they should ask a child to write a letter addressed to their family about converting to another religion. I really just don’t see what the letter will gain.

‘If they want children to learn about Islam, then go teach them all about it and its history.

‘What I don’t want is a school asking my stepdaughter to look into reasons for converting to another religion.

‘Like every parent, it is our decision on how we raise them and once they are old enough to make decision, then it is there choice.’

“Write a letter to family about converting to Islam,” read the girl’s Religious Education (RE) homework task for Wednesday the 8th of November.

He added: ‘When I saw this assignment in the planner, written by the teacher, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

‘I told her she will not be completing it and she is more worried about getting detention.

‘We send our kids to school to get a good education and use what they have learnt to have a good career.

‘I have no problem with them learning about religions but I feel they should not be asking 12-year-olds writing to their parents about why they are converting.

‘I just found the task wholly inappropriate.

‘I would like to emphasise how much respect I have for the head of year and deputy head who were very receptive to my complaint and concerns but unfortunately in this instance the national curriculum has failed miserably in my opinion.’

Nicola Cooper, the Head Teacher of Kepier school, said: “At Kepier we feel it is very important to introduce our learners to all faiths and cultures and we do this throughout the academic year.

“For example, next week we will be celebrating all faiths during National Inter Faith Week. We welcomed Mr. McLachlan into school earlier this week and were happy to explain to him how we explore all faiths and cultures.

“Our Culture and Wellbeing programme of study is in line with the National Curriculum and we believe it provides the basis for a broad, balanced and engaging introduction to the areas typically taught in RE and PSHCE.”

Would you have let your child complete this homework?