Co-Op supermarket switches to BRITISH MEAT ONLY in Brexit boost


We are delighted to report that the Co-Op supermarket has taken the decision to only sell British meat in an attempt to boost Brexit Britain.

The move is a massive vote of confidence in not only our own meat industry and hard-working farmers, but also our economy and ability to stand on our own two feet when it comes to agriculture.

According to a report in The Express.

Co-op said the move was aimed at cutting back on import costs which it says have doubled to over £6 billion a year since 1996 for the entire UK.

The high street retailer, which is the UK’s sixth-largest food chain, said it will now ban Danish bacon and New Zealand lamb from its shelves to ensure customers can trust they are buying fresh British meat.

Co-op which has 2,500 stores nationwide, already only sells British beef, chicken, ham, pork, sausages, duck and turkey, and only uses British meat in its own-label chilled ready meals, pies and sandwiches.

The Co-op’s Retail Chief Executive Jo Whitfield said: “British consumers will be shocked to see how meat imports have grown while at the same time retailers hang out the bunting and claim to back British farmers.

“Only the Co-op offers 100% British fresh meat all year round and not just in the meat cabinet but also in our sandwiches, our pies and our ready meals.

This is fantastic news, and it is refreshing to see such a high profile retail name stepping up and shouting ‘BUY BRITISH’ from the rooftops.

Naturally there will be cost savings for the supermarket as well in terms of import costs, and so it is pretty much win-win all round!

Make sure you support your local Co-Op whenever you can.

Read on about another British business that is backing Brexit.

The founder of JD Wetherspoon Tim Martin has appeared on TV for a single interview, but within it he has pretty much DESTROYED every single high-profile Remoaner who has opposed Brexit and tried to strike ‘Project Fear’ into the heart of every voter.

Martin is not only an ardent supporter of Brexit, but he is also in charge of arguably Britain’s most successful hospitality business. When he talks economics, you listen – simple as that!

As reported by Leave.EU, one of the most memorable parts of the interview was:

Everyone, the IMF, the Treasury, even President Obama said the economy was going to be bad in the immediate aftermath of a leave vote a year ago.

And what has happened? Our GDP is up 2%, sales are up, we’ve created 300,000 jobs and generally things are going very well.

Funny isn’t it? All of these so-called economics experts appear left, right and centre (perhaps less of the ‘right’) and talk about how the economy is in the ‘you know what’ pan, and here we have someone in a position of actual relevance reporting that things are actually OK.

Would a tanking economy lead to the creation on 300,000 jobs? Of course not!

Would a tanking economy lead to a 2% increase in GDP? Not on your nelly!

Perhaps it’s time for some home truths about the so-called Brexit effect. To put it simply, the only people reporting that it will be a disaster are people who have a vested interest in everything going horribly, horribly wrong.

Imagine how stupid they are all going to look when Brexit Britain goes from strength to strength.