CONFIRMED: UK will be OUT of EU customs union and single market by March 2019


EU Exit Secretary confirms that the Government will get the freedom to agree to new trade deals around the world from the moment of departure

Countries within the Single Market do not have the ability to create free trade agreements with other nations, it must go through the European Union and benefit all other member states.

The UK government’s plans to leave the Single┬áMarket and the Customs Union.

The Brexit Secretary also believes that the talks will be completed within the 2-year time window, however, Gina Miller disagrees.

Asked if the UK would be straight out of the customs union, he replied: “I would have thought so.”

Mr Davis said he was “entirely aligned” with the Chancellor on putting jobs and prosperity first.

“I firmly believe that our approach puts jobs and prosperity first. So much so I didn’t even think it was necessary to say it at the beginning,” he told The Times CEO Summit.

Mr Davis said there would be “practically no burden” on businesses at all under the Government’s plan to extend rights to EU citizens already living in the UK.

He added: “My job is to bring back control of migration to Westminster.

“It is not to slam the door on immigration.

“We will bring immigration down but in a way and at a pace that does not cause labour shortages or, worse, undermine the nation’s need for new talent.”

It’s been a year since the UK voted to leave the European Union, since last June we have had a new Prime Minister and cabinet, a government defeated at the Courts, Article 50 triggered and a snap general election.