Corbyn to SCRAP Trident ‘as soon as I can’ as he predicts he’ll be PM by Christmas


Jeremy Corbyn revealed to Michael Eavis that he will scrap Trident as soon as he could

Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis has said Jeremy Corbyn told him he will get rid of Trident “as soon as I can“. Quotes via Somerset Live:

When asked about the Labour leader’s appearance, Michael Eavis said: “Wasn’t he fantastic?”

“I said to when are you going to be prime minister? He said: ‘In six months’.”

Eavis said he asked Corbyn: “When are you going to get rid of Trident?”

“He said: ‘as soon as I can’.”

Corbyn was blasted throughout the referendum campaign for having a weak stance on Trident.

Many viewed him as a danger to national security and rightly so.

Regarding nuclear weapons Mr Corbyn has been on record saying:

Mr Corbyn said: “There are five declared nuclear weapon states in the world, there are three others that have nuclear weapons.

“That is eight countries out of 192. 187 countries don’t feel the need to have a nuclear weapon to protect their security. Why should those five need it themselves?

“We are not in the era of the Cold War anymore. It finished a long time ago.”

He also told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I do not think we should be renewing Trident. I think we should fulfil our obligations under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

“We should be promoting an international nuclear weapons convention which would lead to a nuclear-free world and I do not believe therefore we should be spending £100 billion on renewing Trident.

“There are many in the military who don’t want Trident renewed because they see it as an obsolete thing that they don’t need.

“They would much rather see spending on conventional weapons and conventional forces and I would like to see that money also used to invest in manufacturing, industry and protect those very high-skilled jobs that at the moment are used making the weaponry and the vessels that go with them.”