Corbynista students mocked in hilarious tuition fees sketch


Students who supported Labour in the general election have been mocked for their stupidity by voting for Labour in a hope that the student debt will be cleared

In the humorous skit, the presenter says: “Students are in a state of shock tonight after discovering Jeremy Corbyn isn’t real.

He would come down their chimneys with money for tuition fees, was actually just made up to get their votes.”

The package then cuts to another comedian playing a student speaking to the channel from her dormitory.

She says: “So I was told that Corbyn comes at the start of every term on a sledge pulled by a socialist reindeer collective, wearing red obviously, and if you’ve been studying hard for your degree then he brings you money and a jar of homemade jam.

“Then last week I caught my dad signing a cheque for £9,000 – it was them all along, not Corbyn.”

The presenter then said: “The Labour party has since denied starting the Corbyn myth although it confirmed Tony Blair is real and lives in a drain preying on the innocent.”

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