Couple ATTACKED for holding hands and kissing near a Mosque


A couple were assaulted for holding hands and kissing near a Mosque by a 24-year-old Malaysian man

The man attacked the couple outside the Islamic Centre in Via San Vito which had closed back in February.

It does seem that a lot of Islamic worshippers are intolerant to other peoples cultures.

The couple did nothing wrong, they were not even in the Mosque, yet this man sees violence to be acceptable.

Breitbart London reported:

“The man and woman were walking past the Islamic centre on Via San Vito, which had closed in February, holding hands and exchanging kisses when the 24-year-old Malaysian launched first a verbal, then a physical, attack, reports La Repubblica.

“You can not kiss in front of the mosque!” he shouted at the couple before pushing over the young woman and then launching an assault on her 27-year-old boyfriend, kicking and punching him.

A Carabiniere, a member of the Italian paramilitary police, arrived at the scene and was also attacked and slightly injured by the Malaysian.”

Throughout Europe and the west, there has been a large increase of ‘Sharia Police’ enforcing Sharia Law and the values that come with it.

In 2013, three members of a self-styled “Muslim patrol” who harassed passers-by for holding hands, drinking alcohol, and wearing short skirts, were jailed for trying to enforce shariah law in East London.

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