David Davis issues update on Brexit deal and it’s good news


David Davis has issued an update on the Brexit negotiations.

The Brexit secretary today declared that the Brexit deal is 90% complete and that pressure to get the deal done by October is increasing.

“Some of it I’m not so certain on, but If I wrote on an envelope to give it to you now I could probably tell you 80-90 percent of where we’ll end up.”

“I could specify the ten percent I don’t know.

“There are a few known unknowns.”

Mr Davis said: “Some of the surprises have been on Northern Ireland.”

Discussing the change in government in the Republic of Ireland he said:

“On the other side we had a change of government, south of the border, and with quite a strong influence from Sinn Fein – and that had an impact too in terms of the approach.

“Understandable – I don’t blame them for that.

“They’ve been playing a strong political role which they haven’t done historically that I hadn’t foreseen.”

Talking about the Brexit deadline for the end of the year to allow ratifications by March, he said:

“One of the enemies in this is time.

“We have to deliver by the end of this year.

“We have to get the substance agreed by the end of the year.

“It won’t perfectly work that way but as far as possible we want to get the long-term deal in place properly.”

It certainly sounds promising that this deal is taking shape.

It’s a deal that will take the UK out of the Single Market and the Customs Union, something Labour cannot deliver.

Also, it creates an even greater chance that it will be voted down by MPs, resulting in a ‘no deal’ scenario.