WATCH: Diane Abbott confused over Labour Brexit policy AGAIN in latest disaster interview


Diane Abbott has sat down for yet another car crash interview, and this time the subject was Brexit.

Hilariously, throughout her latest thoughts on Brexit, she made it clear on a number of occasions that various options were on the table for Britain leaving the European Union.

The only major problem with this is that it is a complete contradiction of everything that Jeremy Corbyn has been saying so far, with the Labour leader saying that it will be a hard Brexit in every sense of the word with no traces of the EU’s disastrous political project left in the United Kingdom.

The party line is ‘out means out,’ and Corbyn knows that any deviation from this would have had dire consequences in the general election.

However, in her latest piece of Brexit flip-flopping, Abbott has basically gone against this and mentions a number of ways in which Brexit can be ‘softened’ somehow.

Ms Abbott said: “The Labour Party made it very clear in its manifesto that it wants a Brexit that puts jobs and the economy first and we are not at this stage taking any options off the table.”

“We believe in looking at where we want to go, and what we want from these negotiations when we’re conducting them is to have the benefits of being in the single market and customs union.

“We’re about looking at ends, not structures.”

For what seems like the billionth time, it has to be said that the people of the United Kingdom voted for a clean Brexit – this was made perfectly clear by the government leaflet was sent to every household in the country before the June 2016 vote.

Remaining part of the Single Market and Customs Union is incompatible with this idea – with both of these in place you could chuck in the EU’s demand for their citizens’ rights to fall under the European Court of Human Rights and we might as well just not bother!