DIANE ABBOTT gloats about House of Lords Brexit Bill defeat


The controversial Labour MP and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott went straight onto Twitter to gloat about the House of Lords defeating the Brexit Bill on Wednesday night. 

An amendment to protect EU citizens living in the UK was passed by 358 votes to 256, forcing the bill to be sent back to the House of Commons before it can become law. 

Abbott described it as a ‘thumping victory,’ although ministers have already said that this decision will have little effect on Theresa May’s pledge to activate Article 50 by the end of March. 

So while Abbott and the other Remoaner extraordinaires are celebrating this hollow achievement like they have just won the Euromillions, the fact remains that it it’s pretty worthless. 

In reality, the Lords have possibly accelerated their own downfall, with more and more people now calling for the upper house to be scrapped. 

There’s a thumping victory for you Diane!