Diane Abbott mocked over calls for second Brexit referendum by her own constituents


Diane Abbott has been mocked by her own constituents which called for a second Brexit referendum.

Ms Abbott wrote to two constituents who asked her to take a more pro-EU stance and her response suggested she wanted another vote on Britain leaving the EU.

The Labour MP said: “I will argue for the right of the electorate to vote on any deal that is finally agreed.

“The Labour Party is committed to retaining the best deal for all. I want to reassure you I am fully focused on defending the interest of the UK and I agree that there should be parliamentary scrutiny and transparency.”

When she was asked about her ambiguous comments by the Guardian, Ms Abbott said: “There is no important story here, just a poorly worded standard letter that was sent out.

“There is no difference at all between my position and official Labour party policy.”

Hayley Dove, one of Diane Abbott’s constituents said: “I think it’s absurd she has responded in this manner.

“If she does believe what she says in this better than she should say so publicly and make it really clear”.

What do you think of Mrs Abbott’s letter?

Does it reveal the true face of the Labour party?

Diane Abbott just accused the Tories of encouraging racist crimes

The Shadow Home Secretary and Labour MP Diane Abbott has used a column in the Morning Star newspaper to accuse the Conservative party of encouraging racism and hate attacks on foreign people in the United Kingdom.

According to a report on the Talk Radio website, after Abbott accused the Tories of not doing enough to tackle the issue, she wrote:

“Instead rhetoric from parts of the Tories legitimises those who will tell someone to ‘go home.”

“The Government’s own policies and rhetoric — both currently and over a number of years — have clear responsibility in this area.”

“From Go Home vans, to demonising international students, to talking about a foreigner-free NHS, this is a government whose policies are contributing to a climate of hate and fear.”

“Indeed it was only this August that a scathing cross-party report said the government was fuelling “toxic” anti-immigrant sentiment and that Theresa May’s discredited target of cutting net migration to under 100,000 was particularly to blame for ‘stoking anxiety.”

We do like it when Diane Abbott talks about racism, especially when there was a report recently about how she feels that certain constituencies should put together ‘all-black candidate shortlists’ in the interests of increasing the representation of minorities in Parliament.

You can read more about that below, but it’s clear that this sort of comment also has the potential to stir racist tensions – the exact thing that Diane Abbott has just accused the Tories of doing.

All that we are trying to say here is that all forms of racism and discrimination are unacceptable.