Diane Abbott says Finsbury Park a ‘terror attack’ but London & Manchester attacks ‘incidents’


Diane Abbott seemed to be reluctant to call the recent London and Manchester attacks, ‘terror’ attacks

The Shadow Home Secretary, who recently returned to her role after a short period off during the election campaign was quick to label the Finsbury Park Mosque attack a ‘terror attack’, but called the Manchester and London (Westminster Bridge and London Bridge) attacks, ‘incidents’.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself

Abbott tweeted this regarding the Manchester attack

“My thoughts go out to all those affected by the horrific incident in Manchester. Our emergency services have acted swiftly and bravely.”

This during the recent London attack:


However, Mrs Abbott said this regarding the Finsbury attack

“Shocking terror attack outside Finsbury Park mosque. Thoughts & prayers with friends & families of the victims #FinsburyPark”

What she is saying is spot on and I agree with her that our thoughts and prayers go to the victims.

If you thought that was a blip, she sent a second tweet saying:

“Terror attack outside #FinsburyPark mosque. Police must urgently review security for all mosques”

The Jeremy Corbyn ally was careful to refer to the terror attacks as “incidents” in two separate tweets.

The suspect who allegedly ploughed a van into a group of Muslim worshippers has been identified as a dad-of-four.

He’s been named as Darren Osborne.

The UK has been victim to 3 terror attacks in a 3 month period. 2 in London and 1 in Manchester.

There are fears this attack will act as further justification for Islamic extremists who are planning to commit further attacks again the UK.