Diane Abbott SLAMMED for suggesting UK takes in ‘more disabled refugees’


We reported earlier today that Diane Abbott has been critical of Theresa May’s government for not allowing more refugees into Britain with disabilities and learning difficulties.

After making it clear from the outset that we found her attempted intervention itself more unnecessary than the actual argument over numbers, a number of you agreed with this.

It was also apparent that many people were concerned over the issue of numbers as well – with a recurring argument about how the vulnerable in Britain are being cared for, or in some cases not being cared for.

Excusing the spelling here, Diane’s comment has obviously struck with a number of other readers.

Again it is clearly a question of balance as while there will always be an obligation to help vulnerable refugees to a certain extent, at the same time the press is full of ‘horror stories’ about disabled people in Britain and how their own care provision has been ‘slashed to the bone.’

Whatever the total number of people using food banks in Britain may be, it’s clear that it is too high for a so-called ‘developed’ nation.

Where can a line be drawn between allocating financial resources towards varying forms of Foreign Aid / refugee assistance and getting people away from having to use food banks?

Although the same could be said for all MPs to a certain extent, it does seem that the left-wing press actively falls over itself to portray Abbott in a positive light when so many others try to do the opposite.