Diane Abbott: ‘We should be taking in more disabled refugees’


According to a number of reports that are circulating online, the Labour MP and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has slammed Theresa May and said that our government should be taking in more refugees with disabilities and learning difficulties.

In particular, The Independent has published a lengthy piece from Abbott, including:

‘This is truly appalling and a new low in this government’s treatment of refugees.

‘Just over a year ago when Theresa May made her first speech as prime minister she said “a disability or a health condition should never dictate the path a person is able to take”. But this has clearly been a factor blocking the legitimate right of vulnerable refugees to seek asylum in this country.’

She is referring to the Vulnerable Persons Relocation Programme (VPRP), which brings a number of different vulnerability factors under a single ‘umbrella’ and aims to help the most needy of refugees that need urgent assistance.

It would be all too easy for us to sit here and get ‘angry’ with Abbott because of arguments about the true number of refugees that we should be taking in, but the reality is that there is a far more pressing bone of contention here.

Our government should have the authority to decide exactly how many refugees are brought into Britain, vulnerable or otherwise.

No meddling from the EU, no meddling from ‘the opposition’ – Theresa May and her team need to be in a position where they can balance the needs of Britain with the needs of those who require assistance.

It is clear that we can’t scrap all refugee assistance because of our relatively fortunate position as a nation, but at the same time it is also clear that we can’t just operate a complete ‘open door’ approach.

Whatever the solution may be, we simply cannot allow Diane Abbott, the European Union, the United Nations or anyone else to try and dictate what our government should and shouldn’t be doing!