DISGRACEFUL! Lily Allen CELEBRATES pound’s fall in value due to Brexit


Lily Allen has once again showed her utter contempt for the British people by celebrating an announcement about the Pound Sterling falling in value. 

Deutsche Bank made the prediction, and the singer was quick to retweet it with a number of mocking symbols as if it was something to celebrate. 

Ms Allen was mocked online after retweeting the report with users of the social media site scrambling to criticise her apparent unpatriotic views.

One Twitter user said: “Not falling as fast as your dismal record sales though.”

While another said: “Thanks for that unbiased opinion Lily, I will really take it on board.” 

She has already sparked outrage in the past for  apologising on behalf of the British people for the refugee situation, and this latest outburst won’t help her image one bit. 

Still she can’t be much of an English specialist as she retweeted the message with a glaring typo. Perhaps you should donate a dictionary as part of your humanitarian efforts Ms Allen?