Emmanuel Macron issues firm warning to the UK Government over ‘special’ Brexit trade deal


Speaking to Andrew Marr, the French president warned that pretty could not “cherry-pick” a free trade deal with the EU.

The French president said the UK would receive a ‘bespoke’ and ‘special’ deal with the EU, however, she still had to tick all of the boxes.

Mr Macron said: “It doesn’t make sense because it’s part of the whole financing of our European Union.

“This special way should be consistent with the preservation of the single market and our collective interests.

“And you should understand that you cannot, by definition, have the full access to the single market if you don’t tick the box.”

The Express reported:

“The preconditions Britain would have to accept would include freedom of movement, budget contributions and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, according to Mr Macron. “

If the UK decided it wished to stay within the European Union Mr Macron said:  “I mean, I do respect this vote, I do regret this vote, and I would love to welcome you again.”

French President Macron is demanding that Britain takes MORE CALAIS MIGRANTS

It has been reported that the French President Emmanuel Macron is about to make two demands regarding the United Kingdom and the border at Calais that is effectively between the two nations.

According to the media, he will insist that the United Kingdom takes more of the migrants at Calais who are only there because they are trying to reach the UK.

On top of this, he also set to demand more money from the United Kingdom’s government for the operation of the border.

As Westmonster point out, British taxpayers have only recently been stung to the tune of more than TWO MILLION POUNDS for a wall around the port that doesn’t even lock properly.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb has allegedly said ‘I want to reach an additional protocol to these agreements and to take concrete measures to look after a certain number of costs by the British’ and that the UK must take in ‘a larger number of people, as regards to the reception of refugees and unaccompanied minors.’

For some reason, a lot of people are missing one very simple point when it comes to France and border control – the fact that it is part of the Schengen arrangement.

Therefore, if France is really that worried about its own borders, surely it might make sense to start by not being part of a system that allows so many to just ‘walk on in.’