EU bigwig Guy Verhofstadt just attacked Britain over Brexit … AGAIN


The so-called ‘voice of reason’ within the European Union and Chief Negotiator Guy Verhofstadt has just attacked Britain over Brexit yet again with a number of nasty comments about both Prime Minister Theresa May and our Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

While people all over the political spectrum on both sides of the negotiations are calling for a calm and considered approach as it will be in the best interests of all concerned, Verhofstadt has once again thrown a spanner in the works.

As we have said on a number of occasions, every outburst of this nature will push Britain towards just walking away without a deal, and we all know that there will be dire consequences for those countries left behind.

According to a report on Sky News:

The European Parliament’s chief Brexit coordinator has mocked Theresa May over her crucial speech in Florence.

Guy Verhofstadt said Mrs May chose the Italian city because of its political history of backstabbing and betrayal.

Smiling, he told an audience at the LSE: “I think she chose Florence because Florentine politics in the 15th century made her feel at home.

“Backstabbing, betrayal, noble families fighting for power… It is an environment that she recognised fairly well.”

He also appeared to directly tackle Boris Johnson after the Foreign Secretary claimed he was “troubled” by young people protesting against Brexit having “split alliances”.

Mr Verhofstadt said: “Criticising people for wanting to keep their European identity and accusing them of ‘split allegiance’ is a reductionist understanding of identity.”

To make matters worse, he also said that the whole concept of Brexit is just a ‘waste of time and energy.’

There’s just one small problem Guy – this latest piece of posturing, just like every sinister attempt before it, simply will not work.

Fortunately, the people of Britain will just see through this and realise that it is just another outburst that reeks of desperation and frustration at the fact that a majority of voters had the balls to stand up and say ‘NO’ to the European Union.


The European Union that is Guy’s little pet project – how dare we insult their silly little club!

Remoaners have the nerve to say that us Brexiteers act in a way that provokes argument for the sake of argument, and yet one of the most high-profile figures in the Brexit process is deliberate goading us!

We strongly suggests that Verhofstadt takes these latest comments and proceeds to shove them firmly up his Juncker …

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