EU chiefs offer Theresa May the option to STOP BREXIT


EUROPEAN Union officials are set to deploy one last plot to block Brexit later today, it has emerged.

The European Parliament is drafting a resolution which will serve as a response to the Prime Minister’s official notice of withdrawal from the treaty.

The resolution text has not yet been finalised, but senior lawmakers said it would stress Mrs May could still halt the process, as long as the other member states agreed.

Mr Lamberts, a member of the Brexit team, added the resolution will “reference the revocability of Article 50.”

Elmar Brok, a member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party, also said there was such a reference in the draft resolution which is set to be agreed by party leaders on Wednesday and put to a vote in the legislature next week.

Sources claim the bloc’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, had tried to discourage lawmakers from making explicit reference to halting the exit.

But since the June referendum, European Council President Donald Tusk has insisted that the other 27 member states would agree to let Britain stay if they had a change of heart.

The resolution will have to be agreed by party leaders on Wednesday, before being put to vote in the EU parliament next week.

Last month, former Prime Minister Tony Blair called on Britons to “rise up” and try to block Brexit if they could.

But that may no longer be entirely in British hands. One senior EU diplomat said of Blair’s campaign: “This bus has left.”

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