EU commissioner THREATENS that Britain’s economy will suffer after Brexit


It was always guaranteed that the threats and ‘nasty words’ towards the United Kingdom would escalate in the run up to activating Article 50, and now the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs has come out and said that the UK’s economy will suffer after Brexit.

Pierre Moscovici is quoted in The Express as saying that ‘the growing tide of protectionism in the UK – and in the US – could further weaken international trade’ – but surely protectionism by its very nature is purely just a desire to protect our own interests?

In many ways any sort of this rhetoric from Brussels is ‘bolting the gate once the horse has bolted.’ Scare tactics are pretty much useless now that Britain has voted for Brexit.

In terms of losing the EU as a trading partner, he also feels that the shortfall will be difficult to rectify, but he seems to be forgetting that as a nation we will be free to negotiate our own deals in the very distant future.

You have to question his motives as well, as surely a turkey would speak out against Christmas!

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