EU demands £48bn in BREXIT FEES from the UK


The EU’s Brexit Negotiator Michael Barnier is set to demand £48bn from the United Kingdom in exit fees according to a report on Sky News. 

It is even reported that French and German officials have been trying to get this figure increased to an eye-watering £59bn. 

This calculation includes funding commitments that the UK cannot back down from, and more concerningly it also includes a sizeable contribution to the pensions of EU officials. 

In a further insult to Britain, Brussels has also concluded that trade deal negotiations can only take place once an agreement over the final bill has been reached. 

British government officials are naturally keen to start trade talks as soon as possible, but this means that Brussels bureaucrats are demanding that we dance to their tune. 

Delegates from the British government have also been keen to establish a reciprocal agreement for both the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens elsewhere in the EU. 

However this ‘technical meeting’ also confirmed that all citizen rights discussions must start again from ‘zero.’

This could be particularly worrying for Irish and Northern Irish citizens who are concerned about how their shared border will operate after Brexit. 

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