EU negotiators plot to keep UK in EU for several additional years during ‘TRANSITIONAL period’


Guy Verhofstadt tonight insisted that any transitional deal with Britain must be built on the same terms as our current membership because there is not enough time to negotiate a bespoke agreement.

This means that the UK will pretty much remainer members of the EU for many more years to come.

If this comes true, millions of leave voters will be outraged at the EU and the government for allowing this to happen.

I think a ‘no deal’ is the only way forward.

Mr Verhofstadt said: “There is now, I think, more and more recognition of the need of a transitional deal. What will be the substance of this transition deal has to be discussed.

“I think that the more and more time we lose in the coming months, the more and more it’s clear that the transition period can only be the prolongation of the existing situation, of the status quo, because you can not imagine in a few weeks’ or months’ time a new system.”

Mr Verhofstadt told MEPs in Brussels: “Our point of view is that first of all we need sufficient progress on the withdrawal agreement before we can enter in the discussion about the future relationship and we don’t think at this moment we have sufficient progress on the issues of the withdrawal.”

They are trying to keep the UK under their control!

We cannot allow this to happen!

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