EU officials insist Britain will have to pay TWICE when it quits


The EU is determined to get as much money out of the UK as possible, as it looks like the UK may have to pay twice to get out of the club.

If the EU had it their way, the UK will be paying a Brexit bill, but also additional contributions throughout the transitional period.

This transitional period is somehow a good enough reason for us to empty our bank accounts and fund their pensions.

Brexiteers today ripped into the EU for playing a “silly game” over its financial demands and said the UK had a right to point to the decades of huge net payments it has made to the project.

UKIP’s Brexit spokesman Gerard Batten said: “We won’t be paying twice over the odds when we shouldn’t be paying them anything at all.

“If they keep up this silly game, we will have every right to demand back our net contribution of £185 billion which we paid to the EU since we joined.”

Tory MP John Redwood said the UK owes Brussels “zero, nothing, zilch” after it leaves the bloc in 2019 and said that should be the “calculation” Mr Davis presents to EU negotiators.

He said: “The government has been very clear that it will pay what we owe. It seems equally clear we only owe the regular contributions up to the date of departure.

“The nine month delay in sending the Article 50 letter has already cost us around £9 billion of extra net contributions or £15 billion of gross contributions. Those who wish to delay our exit are wanting UK taxpayers to have to pay more to the EU.”

What do you think of such demands?

The EU can jog on in my opinion.