Farage CONDEMNS foreign aid funding Argentina’s fighter jets as Falklands claim continues


LBC presenter, Nigel Farage, has vented his anger as British taxpayers money is being spent on Argentine fighter jets while their country lays claim to the Falkland Islands

Argentina and the United Kingdom went to war over the Islands in 1982 after an invasion force seized control of the British overseas territory.

The conflicted ended with a British victory, however, 35 years later the UK foreign aid budget is going towards funding for Argentina’s fighter jets.

Mr Farage blast: “We’ve been giving money to Argentina who still have a claim of the Falkland Islands.

“And they have been buying fighter jets from China, so we’ve actually been giving money to a regime that could use some of that money to fund military jets to fight against our people!”

He added: “We’ve been giving money to Iran. We’ve been giving money to China and hold on to the chair – we’ve been giving money to Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.”

After playing a clip of the Prime Minister dodging a question on the subject, the presenter said: “What the Prime Minister was really saying was, ‘I’m sorry, I haven’t got a clue, I’ve no idea where we spend the foreign aid budget, I just support it because it’s part of the virtue signalling of being a modern politician’.

“And yes, we’re giving money to North Korea – surely this madness has got to stop?

“This idea departments in the last few weeks, before the financial year ends, have to start promising money everywhere to meet targets.

“Some of it goes to the wrong places, and some of it gets committed but not even spent at all.”