Farage just issued this major Brexit warning, and people are worried


Nigel Farage has issued a major warning to those out there who are attempting to stop Brexit.

The ex-UKIP leader has warned that if Brexit does not go ahead and the ‘meaningful vote’ in the House of Commons is not passed then we could see the country go into a ‘crisis’.

“If the Establishment does stop Brexit from happening then I think all sorts of extraordinary things could happen, I think you will find that there will be a very large number of people in the country will be angrier than you’ve ever seen. I think the chances of that being the case get higher with every week.”

“But the real crunch point is going to be the meaningful vote in the House of Commons on whatever deal we get and that that’s the point at which, it’s not impossible this country plumage int a constitutional crisis.”

“The chances of that being the case get higher, with every week that goes by.”

“If the deal was rejected on a confidence motion then you’re looking at general elections or even another referendum. We shouldn’t underestimate, there is a big establishment attempt out there to stop Brexit from happening.”

I wouldn’t be able to comprehend the anger and events that would unfold if the establishment is successful at blocking Brexit.

Protests on the scale this country has never seen before will descend on the capital.

Millions would demand that their vote is respected, and rightly so.

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Nigel Farage responds to George Soros who spent £700,000 in bid to STOP Brexit

It’s been revealed that George Soros donated hundreds of thousands pounds to an organisation which aims to stop Brexit.

Soros donated £400k to Best For Britain, a group openly trying to reverse the democratic Brexit vote, but now his aides from his Open Society Foundation admitted to a further £303,000-worth of grants to other organisations, reported Westmonster.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Nigel Farage said: “Open society is his organisation, it is the biggest political campaigning group the world has ever seen.

It’s already raised £15 billion, another £18 has been pledged. So whether George Soros managed to get other donors to support him on that night frankly is irrelevant.

This man interferes with elections and referendums all over the western world.”

Twitter users praised Mr Farage saying