French President tells Asylum Seeker to ‘Go Back to Morocco’ in confrontation


Emmanuel Macron refused to give a Moroccan woman French citizenship and said she ‘should go home’ because she is not in danger in her home country.

Europe is finally waking up to the migrant crisis.

We are now seeing leaders of major European Nations telling Asylum seekers to go home.

French President, Emmanuel Macron, demanded that the Moroccan woman to return home as she is not in danger.

The women claimed that her parents lived in France, to which Macron insited that she could always come and visit.

Macron said: “If you are not in danger you should go back to your country. You are not in danger in Morocco. I cannot give French papers to everyone otherwise how do I deal with all the people who are already here who can’t find work, you see, so we have to protect the vulnerable people who are unsafe in their own country.”

“You know that if they are here the republic will take care of them, that is French law, that is already very generous.”

Some Twitter users were not too pleased with how Macron handled the situation.

“Instead of giving her a chance to prove herself in her studies, abilities, character, he just cuts her off and shuts her up,” tweeted @wifidimples. Another tweeter said the French president’s words were “shameful.”

Well done Mr President!

At least 31 migrants killed in ‘shark attack’ while trying to cross the Mediterranean

It has been confirmed by the Libyan Navy that at least 31 migrants have been killed in what has been described as a ‘shark attack’ while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

According to a report in The Times:

Sharks set on migrants who fell from overcrowded boats crossing to Italy, the Libyan navy has claimed.

At least 31 people died and 40 were missing after migrants took advantage of good weather to attempt the crossing in two small boats, the navy said on its Facebook page yesterday.

The alarm was raised in the early hours of Friday and two Libyan coastguard boats found horrific scenes when they arrived, with some victims having been bitten by sharks, it said.

A report in International Business Times added:

Captain Nasser Al-Gammoudi told Italian newsapaper Il Giorno: “When we arrived in the area, off the town of Garabulli, [one] dinghy was semi-submerged and still had 44 people clinging on to it, whom we saved.

“There were lots of bodies all around and we saw there were four or five sharks swimming among them, large blue sharks, a very aggressive species.

“When we brought the bodies on board we noticed that some of them had been bitten, so it’s possible that among the missing some may have been eaten.”

However, the claims have bene dismissed by experts.

Ezio Amato, a marine biologist, said that while white sharks and tiger sharks “have been known to attack lone swimmers” they have never been recorded attacking in large groups, reports The Times.

If these claims are genuine, it just confirms that those criminals who are organising this transfer of people in unsafe vessels need to be brought to account as soon as possible.