Furious debate erupts on Sky News over celebrating Sir Winston Churchill


Guests on The Pledge clashed when debating the celebration of historical figures and events.

Speaking on SKy News how, The Pledge, Nawaz said: “To my embarrassment, 14 members of my old university, Soas, held a protest, demanding the owner apologise for aggrandising the wartime leader, rather than portraying him as a racist.

“The demonstrators faced a backlash, but their student union backed them, saying ‘the cafe exercises an assertive historical amnesia of British colonialism offensive to those who continue to experience institutional racism’.

“Ah, not to me and thousands like me, it doesn’t. Of course, Churchill was flawed, just as Gandhi and all great historical leaders were, but their more troublesome ideas were relatively benign during the times they lived in and their achievements outshine their shortcomings.

“These two criteria must surely apply, otherwise no historical figure is safe from being torn down.”

Afua Hirsch replied: “If you were of Bengali descent, for example, and there are many people who feel personally hurt by that famine…

“This is three million people who died in an avoidable and preventable famine, which Churchill could have prevented.

“Instead, he diverted aid away from it and exported food from India to British troops.”

Nawaz continued:

“Those students were offended on my behalf.

“They were claiming people like me, but I’m saying none of those students were from South Asia.

“Actually, to claim offence and to speak as if we all think the same way is actually quite offensive.

“I have the killer question, figuratively, of course, not endorsing colonialism, if we are not comfortable with Churchill, I presume Gandhi would come under the same criticism, who should we celebrate from history?”

Shocking footage shows left wing gang storm Winston Churchill cafe screaming ‘Churchill was RACIST!’

Young left wing voters have stormed a Winston Churchill-themed cafe and claimed he was racist in bizarre protest.

One of the protesters said: “We cannot accept the unashamed colonial and gentrifying presence of this cafe.

“To the customer, we ask you that you boycott this cafe until they take the concerns of the community seriously.”

The group continued: “You will never make colonialism palatable!”

Cafe owner, Mr Evans blasted: “If you cannot celebrate Britain and great Britons you are just erasing history. And if you cannot celebrate Churchill, you cannot celebrate anyone.”

He told the Express: “It’s naive of the protesters to do this because if you take what they said on board then you cannot celebrate anyone, or any nation, because everyone, Churchill, me, you, are flawed.”

“I’d say to the protesters come in, have some tea, and let’s have a debate about it because if what you’re saying is that we cannot celebrate these leaders – does that mean that we cannot celebrate any human being ever?”

“My staff were very scared. They were shouting at them and telling our customers to boycott the place.

“They were telling us to change the name of our best selling breakfast ‘The Winston’ and another one named the ‘Gandhi.’ But they are so popular that we sell 500 of those a week.”

Without Winston Churchill we could all be speaking German right now and the world would be a very different place.

These young, left-wing creatures clearly do not understand the sacrifice Winston made for the country.

They should be ashamed.