FURY as Angela Merkel calls Britain DELUDED


The German Prime Minster has warned Britons not to delude themselves over future relations with the European Union in a speech to German politicians yesterday.

Mrs Merkel seems to forget that the EU needs us a damn sight more than we need them.

With her current ‘cut off your nose to spite your face’ attitude, the European Union will be feeling the consequences of a bad divorce with the UK.

To loud applause, she said: “We can only do an agreement on the future relationship with Britain when all questions about its exit have been cleared up satisfactorily.

“A third state, and that’s what Britain will be, cannot and will not have at its disposal the same rights… as members of the European Union.

“You may think this is all obvious. But I’m afraid I get the sense some in Britain still have illusions about Brexit – that would be wasted time.”

Ms Merkel told the German parliament: “We, Germany and the other member states of the EU – did not want this exit. But we respect this decision and are now looking ahead.”

There have been calls throughout the European Union from leaders, MEPs and European national leaders to punish Britain for leaving the bloc in an attempt to deter any other country to leave the failing economic and political union.

Ms Merkel’s comments came hours after the EU’s main Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and his British counterpart David Davis said that a Downing Street meeting was “constructive”.

A spokesman for Mrs May said: “The PM had a constructive meeting this evening with President Juncker of the European Commission.”

“Following the UK’s letter of notification under Article 50 (on its departure from the EU), she reiterated the UK’s commitment to achieving a deep and special partnership with the European Union.”

One thing is for certain though, no deal certainly is better than a bad deal (otherwise known as a Labour deal).