German MEP reveals Brussels’ secret plan to PUNISH BRITAIN with bad Brexit deal


A German MEP has issued a worrying warning to the United Kingdom that the European Union’s team of negotiators is getting ready to PUNISH BRITAIN for Brexit with the worst possible Brexit deal for daring to leave.

Naturally any politician with an ounce of sense would use this sort of information to push for the ‘no deal and walk away’ scenario instead!

However, it has now become painfully clear that our leaders and negotiators are keen to avoid this scenario, even if it means that our country suffers for many years to come after Brexit due to an unnecessary transition period!

According to a report in The Express:

MICHEL Barnier has no interest in securing a good Brexit deal with the UK and is instead determined to punish the country for daring to quit the bloc, a German MEP has warned.

Hans-Olaf Henkel said a bad deal for Britain, or even a no deal situation, is Mr Barnier’s “best tool” for avoiding another EU exit.

And Mr Henkel warned Mr Barnier had “tactical and strategic” reasons for wanting to avoid a good deal, a day after the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator sent Britain a warning.

Earlier this week Mr Barnier gloatingly told the Spanish parliament every single EU member state, along with several other regional parliaments, could veto the final Brexit deal.

The following day Mr Henkel told he believed Mr Barnier was tricking the UK into thinking it could ever secure a good exit deal.

Mr Henkel, a former business chief said he understood but disagreed with the French negotiator’s scheming.

The worst thing about all of this is that it isn’t even a surprise to hear that the EU’s high and mighty are trying to pull this sort of stunt.

We have known for a while that Brussels is keen for Brexit to be treated in a way that deters other countries for trying to be so bold and independent.

They should however proceed with caution in our view, as being unnecessarily aggressive will show other remaining member states that they are prepared to rule by using fear and intimidation.