German politician admits Brexit is as bad as NINETEEN smaller EU nations leaving at once


The German MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel has admitted that Brexit is going to be a disaster for the European Union by telling the European Parliament that the United Kingdom’s decision Leave is going to be just as bad as NINETEEN smaller nations leaving at once.

Therefore, it is surely ridiculous when people say that the effects of Brexit can be rectified by other smaller nations merely ‘stepping up’ in terms of output and other economic activity!

According to a report in The Express:

The German MEP said: “The Prime Minister of Croatia rightfully mentioned the importance of the common market and President Juncker said that Croatia is both an example an inspiration for Europe.

“Well, Brexit is a disaster for the common market and an example of desperation in Europe.

“Economically, Brexit is the same as Croatia and the other smaller 18 countries leaving the EU at the same time.”

Mr Henkel is one of the architects behind the ‘New Deal for Britain’ movement, alongside leading figures from German business, urging the European Union to offer the UK a last-ditch deal in a desperate bid to stop Brexit.

He said: “I urge the Croatian Prime Minister to push for the Council and the Commission to offer a new deal for Britain because of the clear negative impact Brexit will have on Croatia, amongst others.”

The German concluded that a new deal must “support the growing number of British citizens who regret Brexit and avoid the biggest disaster for the European Union”.

This might explain why the EU has taken such an aggressive stance so far when it comes to Brexit negotiations – fear!

Deep down, those who are in charge know that their sabre-rattling is nothing to do with wanting to ‘make an example’ of the United Kingdom, and they are fully aware that a no-deal, walking away scenario will hurt the remaining 27 nation states a hell of a lot more than it would hurt the UK.

Who made this exact same point at the earliest opportunity after the Brexit vote? Mr Nigel Farage.

If you remember correctly, he even had the guts to stand up and make it in the European Parliament, when confronted directly with the people who were ‘out for his blood.’

When you listen to this speech, the anger in the room is palpable, but we now know that this ‘rage’ was simply fear about what was to come.

Funny isn’t it?

Perhaps it is time that those in charge of negotiating our exit from the European Union started using this ‘fear’ to ensure that we get a good deal.

Having said this, there are still countless arguments for abandoning a deal altogether, or even just making the point at the highest level that it is being considered.

If those within the Brussels corridors of power admit that a 19 nation-sized hole in the EU’s economy is looming, then at least we know that they are willing to apply pressure to the EU’s Brexit negotiating team.

Michel Barnier said that ‘time is running out’ the other day for a deal to be done, and so perhaps he needs to listen to his own advice!