David Davis draws up plans for no deal on Brexit talks


Brexit Secretary, David Davis has urged officials to speed up the drawing of plans for a ‘no deal’ scenario.

The Brexit minister will present the ‘no deal’ preparations to the cabinet which are said to be ‘upbeat’.

Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond, both of whom are members of the cabinet are strongly against the idea of a ‘no deal’.

Mrs Rudd labelled the idea as “unthinkable”.

As each day passes, we get ever closer to a no deal scenario. It would be stupid of the government to rule out such possibility.

In a negotiating situation you need to have all your options open, if not, you’ll be eaten alive. That is exactly what the EU will do if they’re aware we cannot just walk away from the talks.

Chancellor Philip Hammond who has said he only wants to invest in preparing for No Deal at the last possible moment. He has yet to put any funds by for such event.

Do you think a ‘no deal’ would be better than a bad deal?

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