Gina Miller admits she is considering LEAVING THE UK over ‘acid attack fears’


In an interview, the anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller has admitted that she is thinking about leaving the United Kingdom because of threats that she has received since the very high profile court case that forced Brexit to be passed through Parliament.

Talking to, she also admitted that one of her biggest fears is being attacked with acid – a form of assault that seems to be on the rise in London at the moment.

“I have been getting threats of having acid thrown in my face for months and months now.

“When I see someone walk towards me on the street with a bottle of water or something, I just freak out.”

She said: “I get people who send me death threats who include their name and full address on the letters.

“People are so bold that they just don’t hide.”

“If I sat down with my police teams and we felt that it was a really serious threat, I would have to seriously consider leaving the UK.

“This would break my heart because I love this country and I am fighting for it. But we might have to.”

“Of course I would love us to remain, but the one thing we absolutely cannot get away from is that a big part of why the leave vote won is because people are very unhappy.

“There really does need to be reform.”

While we have always made it very clear that we are very much opposed to Ms Miller’s campaign to ‘slow down’ or even ‘obstruct’ Brexit as far as we are concerned, there is no way that we would ever want to see her physically harmed.

The reason for this is very simple, and it goes beyond the arguments about basic human decency.

If such an attack was to take place against anyone who has similar views to Ms Miller, it would by default tarnish the entire Brexit movement.

The sweetest victory will be when Brexit is done and dusted, hopefully by March 2019 – this will in effect give Miller and other anti-Brexit figures very little to campaign against.